Apollos evaporation technology offers a simple and effective approach to industrial wastewater disposal because it can handle different wastewater streams and varying chemistries simultaneously. 

The evaporation technology involves providing enough heat energy to convert the water portion of water-based wastes to water vapor, while leaving the higher boiling point contaminants behind.  

Requiring minimal chemical use, maintenance, and operating costs, while, reducing the amount of wastewater you are currently disposing of. Our technology yields a high volume daily water disposal of 20,000 gallons per day and <10 MMBTU evaporator below MACT standard.

Apollos will evaluate and present a comprehensive plan to offer disposal options for complete service.

• Designed to Run on Natural Gas, Propane, Methane, or Other Alternative Fuels

• The System Operates at Atmospheric Pressure, and therefore there is No Risk of Explosion (it is not a Boiler)

• 250 Gallons at a Time with Capabilities of Processing 20,000 Gallons a Day

• Consumes between 3MM to 5MM BTU per Hour Using a State of the Art Low NOx Burner (No MACT Requirement)

• Releases Clean Water Vapor into the Atmosphere and Concentrates the Impurities (TDS/TSS) into a Residual Liquid Stream for Disposal

• Trailer Mounted (24’ gooseneck)